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A New Era for SIP: Enabling the SMB 2.0 Revolution
SIP Trunking is Critical to Supporting Anytime, Anywhere Communications

sip trunking
As IP and VoIP technologies continue to mature and the thirst for cloud services escalates, the SIP Trunking market is growing rapidly, driven by increased customer awareness of its benefits. Essentially, the early-adopter, proof-of-concept phase has ended, and the technology is moving into a mainstream, "new normal" deployment phase across all verticals. In this whitepaper, we discuss SIP Trunking's evolving role in the communications landscape. SIP is now driving an SMB 2.0 revolution, in which unified communications and multimodal collaboration (both inside and outside the company LAN) can empower SMB customers to grow and run their businesses better, more cost-effectively and more flexibly.

For a channel partner, it's an opportunity to bring SMB customers significant business benefits with a technology that is simple, reliable, powerful and affordable

In this whitepaper, we discuss the rising SIP Trunking market and the opportunity it presents for channel partners.

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