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Payment FAQs

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about billing. Click the links below to learn more. If you need further assistance, click here to contact us.

  1. Is there a charge for calls to U.S. toll-free numbers?
  2. Calls made to any true “toll free number” will be not be charged unless otherwise specified on the rate listing.

  3. Are inbound calls via local telephone numbers offered with this service? If so, what areas are available and what are the charges?
  4. Yes, Net2Phone offers local numbers from over 40 countries worldwide. To view a complete list of numbers available and their monthly charges please visit the access number page.

  5. What are the international rates?
  6. International rates vary by destination called. Visit the calling rates page for a complete listing.

  7. What are the rates for incoming calls?
  8. All inbound calls carry a charge of $0.005 per minute unless otherwise specified.

  9. What forms of payment does Net2Phone accept?
  10. Net2Phone accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. A credit card is required in order to purchase directly from the website. For other methods of payment, please email us at

  11. Is there sales tax?
  12. No. Sales tax is not charged.

  13. What is the Universal Service Fund Surcharge?
  14. The Federal Universal Service Fund was created by the U.S. federal government to help ensure affordable telecommunications service across the U.S., especially for low-income customers and residents of rural communities. All telecommunications providers are required by law to pay into the Federal USF.
    Net2Phone's Federal Universal Service Fund surcharge recovers what must be paid to the Federal Universal Service Fund for Net2Phone's service to the customer. If a customer has a U.S. service address, a USF surcharge will be added to the monthly charges.

  15. How do I add funds to my account?
  16. You can add funds to your account by logging into the account center and adding funds on a one time basis using the credit card on file or setting up auto recharge.

  17. What is auto-recharge?
  18. With this feature, customers can choose to automatically replenish the account with funds when the account balance drops below a certain amount. This is an optional feature that can be turned on and off at any time.

  19. Do the funds expire?
  20. Yes, but only if no calls or financial transactions are made on the account for a period of 90 consecutive days.